The relocation of the items is now a simple process for the customers with the help of the best home shifting Bangalore. So the domestic and commercial relocation is possible across India for the customers. The relocation of any of the items like the big machines and the fragile items or other luxurious items is now easy and safe with the help of comfortable and secure packing. There is no problem for the industrial clients also as they can shift their expensive and the other machines more safely using this service. It is a completely fixed charge, so there is no need to give any of the extra charges to the driver or other staff.


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Home Shifting Industry in Bangalore


In recent times most people are searching for the best company that is providing an affordable and safe shifting process. So when you want such kind of service, then you have to hire this agency. This is the best home shifting industry in Bangalore. This is having years of experience in the field and also will have a good reputation, certification, licensed and also insured one. This agency is ready to shift any kind of home item like luxurious wall lamps to fragile items everything will be safely relocated.

The cost of the relocation is also less for the customers, and so they will experience the hassle-free situation of moving their home from one place to another. Whether your house is located on the ground floor or on the tenth floor, this company’s experts are using advanced tools and techniques to shift the items in a single trip safely. Once you hire this home shifting services bangalore, then you can just sit back and relax as everything will be taken care of by them.

Office and Home Moving Service Scam Increase Day By Day in Bangalore


Bangalore is a famous city for professionals and students. This is the best place as you will find the IT hubs and also many of the colleges. These are the reasons that the people from the other cities and the states are coming in here. For them, the best moving service is always the essential one. But some people are making the mistake of not finding a trusted and experienced company and also home shifting services near me. These things will make them lose their money and also their items sometimes.

fraud Packers and movers cheating

According to the survey, the lot of scams is increasing day by day in Bangalore. So it is better to pick the right agency that has the certification, reputation, experience and less costly shipping. The document verification with the packers and movers agency will give the chance to avoid any service scam that is occurring. Here you will see the different types of relocation scams that have occurred.

jaipur Packers and movers cheating

Cheapest movers and packers firm Bangalore

The three youths have been caught running a duplicate online relocation service company. The people who are searching for the online shipping service will be traced, and a huge amount will be asked of them. The accused who have got arrested have given the statement that they have used this technique to earn more money from the customers. A private firm employee has given the complaint, and according to that, the police have investigated and found three of the suspects. While the remaining two or still on the run. The agency members will ask for the money to transfer online, and also they will ask for the extra amount by not sending the vehicle at the right time.

So when the customers call them for not getting the vehicle, then they will demand a few more amounts. Then only they will send the vehicle. Some of the cases, no vehicle will be sent to the customers even after paying the extra amount. All these things are investigated, and so people should be more cautious about this.

Ref By The Hindu

fraud transporter

Sharmaji Packers and Movers

This is the recent scam that has occurred for one of the customers, Sharma logistics. Here the customer booked the service of this company, and the relocation and the payment are completed. But when it comes to the unpacking, they did not do it but compelled the customer to sign the received all bill. After two or three days, the customer itself tried to unpack all the items, but then they have found that liquor items were missing. Therefore the customer immediately dialled the manager of this shipping process, but the manager did not give the proper reply hiding many of the secrets.

Then the customer found that the manager himself wontedly took those bottles and gave them to the other staff. He also does not give a proper reply when asking about these issues through the phone call. Since this is an online company, it is not easy to reach the office directly also. All the phone numbers are switched off after a few days. So the customer really wanted to teach the lesson to the transport company employees.

Ref By Lawyersclub

Affordable Local Best Home Shifting Services in Bangalore for all India domestic and commercial Relocation 25

Car packers and movers Bangalore

One software engineer tried to hire an online cars packers and movers company in Bangalore. According to the quotation, he started to make the advance of Rs. 15000 for the shifting of his Ford SUV car from the total of 210000. Because of personal problems, the victim needs to go to Balore from Bangalore. After two days, the car which he shifted did not arrive at his location. Then he tried to contact the manager of the shipping service company, and they said that it was because of the lockdown situation.

This person got stressed and confused and tried to call every day, and then the staff replied that they needed the extra amount for coming out of the consignment due to the lockdown. The transaction also has happened online only, and so the victim gave a complaint to the IT cell. As a result, the police have registered the FiR on three staff who were involved in the robbery.

Reference By Bangalore Mirror

fraud car packers and movers

Fraud VRL packers and movers Bangalore

In Bangalore, one of the customers of VRL tried to use the online website for hiring a bike relocation service. The agency owner also responded very well and spoke gently and humble. This made the customer think it was not fake. After the shipping agreement, the bike is also shipped from one place to another. But the customer did not get the bike transported to Indore. So he dialled the agency number, but they did not attend. The two days after the bill of ten thousand was received made the customers think that they are asking for the extra amount. They are asking for the payment through the gpay. Then the customer told them that he was going to complain to the police.

Then the culprits started to bargain for the amount also. Finally, both the customer and the culprit accepted the two thousand rupees extra. Then the requested bike was also delivered through some other courier. This made the customers feel sad and stressed for the past ten days.

Client Feedback Blogger

Fraud awareness

Awareness is always the important one for the customers in recent times as everyone is using the online platform for the shipping services. Here are some of the fraud awareness that is happening for the customers of packers and movers service to know before thinking about how to shift home easily bangalore.

Check for a physical address

The main thing that people should have to concentrate on before they are going to hire is the certification and the physical address. It is always important for people to check for the physical address and also whether the company has the certification and the proper applications. Thus this will help the customers to hire the best service through the online website.

scam alert

Asks for an extra amount

Only the amount that is present in the quote is the fixed one. The company should not ask for the nay of the extra amount. The people should not give any of the amounts in addition to that even when they are saying it is difficult to reach, improper route or some other reasons.

Packers and movers not delivery goods

Payless advance

The advance amount is always the first thing that any packing and moving services company will ask for. Then only they will proceed with the process. But the customers should have to check whether the small amount only they are asking. The reason is that if they are asking for more than half the amount as advance, then it is not good to make the payment. The payment is better to be paid through checks or through a bank account.

Packers and movers scam

Signed contract

The signed contract is always the important one when you are hiring an online service. Only when they are providing the signed contract it is good for the customers to hire them; otherwise, it is a fraud company. The bill should be signed and also contains the seal of the company.

No insurance

Insurance is the main thing that the customers should look for when they are hiring the packers and movers service. Many companies will charge only the amount for the insurance, but they will not give any of the amounts to claim. These are the fraudsters, and so the users should have to be careful about it.

Packers and movers cheating increase

Luggage and Furniture Transportation Services For New House Shifting


The shifting of the items from one place to another will be a simple process when they have luggage and furniture transportation services. This is the best service that will help the residential people to shift any amount of furniture and luggage that they want. The size of ht furniture can be anything, and also whether it is luxurious or not, everything will be shipped at the right time. The timing is always the perfect one for the people when they are getting the proper house shifting service.

The furniture is more expensive, and also they have the chance to get damaged, but with the proper shipping of the items and the packaging, everything will be done perfectly. There is no need for the house owners or the industrial people to think about their property as everything will reach the destination safely. The process of transportation can be with the help of various vehicles like trucks, containers, etc. This home relocation services in bangalore will be simpler, and also it will be available 24/7.

Vehicle Transportation Services Available with Chartered And Shared Part Loading Trucks


The transportation of the vehicle is always the biggest problem for the owners that too when it comes to the four-wheelers. So when you are the person who wants to shift the big vehicles that are luxurious, then you can approach the chartered truck. This is the truck that is providing the chartered service, which is a convenient one for the customers to take the truck for the limited hours and complete the transportation service. This will be the cost-effective one. But when it comes to the shared part loading, which is also an excellent chance for the customers. The reason is that when the loading of the trucks through the shared part means that you have to pay only for the space that is required for the shipment.

But this shipping mode is a common one for the other customers also. So the groups of the items from the various customers are delivered to the destination. The charge for this kind of service is less and also gives the cost-effective transportation service.


Office Relocation Services Bangalore to all India


The relocation of the office is not the easiest services as the packaging should be perfect as each and every document are important. Apart from this, the shipping of the furniture, luxurious items and the other tables will be difficult when it is big and expensive. These kinds of problems will make the customers think twice before hiring the best relocation service providing company. Since Bangalore is the Business Hub and also it is the IT hub for many of the students across India, they come here to study.

So the business feels more comfortable when they are getting this relocation service. The office relocation will be simpler and also careful with the help of the proper checking and the list of the items that they are going to transport. The perfect packing of the times will give the customers to unpack and take the products as it is sent.

Big Commercial Office factory Shifting Bangalore to Expected Locations


The shipping of the commercial and factory places is now simply one with the help of this service. This company is using the top quality shifting the service for the customers, and so the big machines, tools and other luxurious and heavy items are shipped at the right time. The luxurious machines and the other expensive and fragile items are becoming easy to shift without any damage using tempo for home shifting bangalore.

The cost of the shipping will be less and also since this company has the experience the customers will definitely find the valuable service. It takes only a few minutes for the customer to ship the items more careful. The service is ready to be given to the customers who need it for the expected location.

Cheapest But Most Safe Rental Self Storage Facility Places Warehouses with Managed Warehousing for Household and Commercial Goods


Both commercial and household goods are now simple to transport with the help of this service. The shipping of the items from Kashmir to the Kanyakumari is now possible using this service. But when it comes to the rental and self-storage issues, these warehouses will be useful. The warehousing is comfortable where security and high-quality surveillance are present. The CCTV is also required to know about the proper keeping of the items without any change.

The warehousing will give complete assurance to the customers so they can simply take the items when they want. The immediate removal of items and safe storage for household goods bangalore with the help of professionals is possible with full security. The warehousing provides the chance for the customers to take only a few items and leave the remaining items for a few more days until the destination is free and comfortable to shift.

Tips How to find Best Home shifting services provider in bangalore

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Prime Movers Provide All Problems One window solution

The best solution for moving items from one place to another is simple with the help of prime movers. These staff and the experienced people are away from the service. The transportation service can be hired only when you have the certification properly. This is the one-stop shop for the customers to give smart shipping services for residential and industrial customers.

The process of shipping will be at the right time, so the drivers will not ask for the extra amount. You can find the various frauds and scams that are occurring in Bangalore. Once they are getting enough frauds service, then the people may never hesitate to make the payment. The customers feel happier when they are getting the right service. The companies also have Warehousing, which will be a useful one for the users to ship the items from one place to another.

Home Shifting Packers and Movers Bangalore Clients Feedback

Public Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Home Shifting Services in Bangalore Karnataka
Home Shifting Services in Bangalore Karnataka
Home Shifting Disadvantages
  • Home shifting costs you a lot of time and money.
  • Your old people and their contacts get away from you
  • When you go to a new place, you do not know the new language.
  • you have to make new contacts
  • You may face frequent transfers.
Home Shifting Advantages
  • Your time and money is spent more but most of the time it has been seen that your earning increases in future.
  • But after the transfer there have always been new civilizations and societies.
  • You get an opportunity to learn something new
  • New contacts increase your acquaintances and broaden your environment
  • Will you be ready for the next transfer?

How to shift house easily ?

Call Prime Movers For all Types shifting solution your home to expected urban rural metro and remote places relocation.

Which day is good for shifting house ?

Weekend .Specially Starting of Month

How much does it cost to shift a house ?

3,000 and Rs. 30,000 for local house shifting. The local packers and movers cost estimate will be around Rs 3,000 – 9,000 for 1 BHK shifting, Rs 4,500 – 13,000 for 2 BHK shifting, Rs 6,000 – 18,000 for 3 BHK shifting, Rs 8,000 – 25,000 for 4-5 BHK shifting, and Rs 10,000 – 30,000 for villa shifting.

How to pack stuff for moving house ?

Prime movers are there to worry about you just call them

Can we shift house on saturday ?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are auspicious days to enter the new house.

Can we shift house on Friday ?

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are also good days for performing auspicious works like Griha Pravesh or housewarming. According to the Hindu Calendar, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, and Troydashi are very auspicious days for moving into a new home. Prohibited days are Amavasya and Purnima.

Home Shifting Services in Bangalore Karnataka
Home Shifting Services in Bangalore Karnataka