Everything you need to know about the packers and movers charges for relocation service

We are one of the professional packers and movers to help you pack and move your stuff most safely and conveniently. We can provide all types of shifting services like relocation, transportation, loading and unloading, car bike transport, office relocation, international relocation, domestic relocation, and more services. With the help of this blog, you can know how to estimate packers and movers charges.

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Why packers and movers services required for new relocation?

Why packers and movers services required for new relocation?

If you decide to relocate your house or office, you will require the packer and movers services. The advantages of hiring the international class packers and movers are given by,

international class packers and movers
international class packers and movers

Safe and efficient packing:

Safe and efficient packing
Safe and efficient packing

We can keep your furniture, appliances, decorations, etc., safe. We use cushioning and soft wrapping materials suitable for packing, which take up minimal space. More importantly, we pack and transport all your delicate goods with extra care. When we reach your destination, our crew will unload all your belongings and help you unpack. You can immediately install heavy furniture and large appliances. And don’t worry about hiring additional help later.


packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate
packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate

Packing things to move to a new home can affect your daily schedule. We can save you time on the efficient packing and transport will save your time. If you are moving to the same city, you may need a few hours to take care of the whole process. You can specify a date that will help you get your new home ready before the truck arrives. Once you have taken everything out of the box, you can start placing your belongings in the proper positions. It also means you can go back to your regular schedule.

Low price:

packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate
packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate

We can offer the relocation service at an affordable price and budget-friendly. You will have to spend a lot of time organizing it all physically exhausting and mentally stressed, hours and days off from work. You will need to hire trucks or use other freight forwarders. They are not responsible for the safety of your belongings and are not careful with them. They are just trying to reach their destination on time. We can take care more about the safety of the goods being transported. The time savings alone make hiring a packer and mover a better option. A professional contractor will significantly reduce your transportation cost both financially and mentally.

packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate
packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate

Insurance and Claims:

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We can provide logistics expense that will provide the transportation insurance that covers all goods transported. You need not worry about your belongings that your valuable assets are protected. We also settle any claims within days of accidental damage, which rarely happens.


Worldwide warehouse rental services
Worldwide warehouse rental services

This is most effective when moving to another city. Typically, such a move means there is a gap between leaving your current home and moving to a new place in a new town. If you have to move things yourself, preparing warehouse services can be tricky. Safety is also a concern with us. All your cargo will be packed in a single container that can be unloaded and attached to other trucks. We can provide reliable warehouse management where containers are stored. We can keep belongings safe until you are ready to pick them up.

Worldwide warehouse rental services
Worldwide warehouse rental services

Partially packed:

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Sometimes you move in steps. You may find a new home ready before your family follows. In some cases, you may change jobs alone while your family is at your current address. This is so common that moving could disrupt your child’s school or college schedule. We can offer options for packing and transporting some items without affecting the rest of your belongings. Make some movement stress-free and safe.

How calculate packers and movers charges for actual cost?

How calculate packers and movers charges for actual cost?
How calculate packers and movers charges for actual cost?

Before hiring the packers and movers, you can know about what are the charges of packers and movers. You must collect free assessments from at least the top 5 best matching companies. You should also compare estimates, including prices and services. Then decide what fits your specific needs perfectly within your budget. There may be several ways in which you can reduce the overall cost of moving and freight services.

We recommend that you get rid of junk and old stuff that you don’t use or don’t want in the future. The fewer items you will have, and then you have to pay less cost. It works because the volume is one of the main factors affecting costs and flow rates. Arrange a garage sale for the old stuff you don’t want to transfer to your new place. This will help you earn some extra cash where you can adjust the cost of moving.

The packing costs are one of the main factors for professional packers in India. If you can pack the goods yourself, pack them. You can save a lot of money. You can also save money on packaging materials by collecting used boxes and packaging materials from your local grocery store or chemist. If they can’t offer you for free, they can give you a low price.

Material Inspection cost:

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If you want to move goods from one location to another, the service fee will be charged separately as well as we can also offer a discount on material inspection cost for our customers. And most importantly, the distance of the same shift you want to do. So there is no exact amount.

Within your budget (e.g., Rs. 4000 to Rs. 40,000), local packers and movers near me can help you locate your belongings safely. Just fill out the inquiry form or tell us about your moving needs. And we will get three estimates of our local transport, ratings, reviews, and hiring guidelines that can help you choose us for the relocation services.

Shifting distance


Generally, distance plays a vital role in deciding the final cost of relocation. In the case of moving between cities or within the country, much of the relocation costs depend on the distance travelled between the two locations. We will charge the rate for the relocation services is based on the shifting distance of your goods and kilometres.

Shifting Material quantity

luggage transport services pune 5

The number of items to be moved to a new location is directly proportional to the moving cost. The volume and weight of the cargo will directly affect the price charged by the packer and movers. More assets will be attempted to be used for loading, packing, transporting, and finally unloading at new destinations.

Loading floor

bike transport pune

Moving (home or office) from one place to another can be a financial challenge because of expected and unexpected expenses. Many people postpone their move simply because they cannot afford the high prices of local packers and movers.

But moving doesn’t have to be expensive. Understanding how packers and movers charge for their services and knowing the estimated cost of the mover and packer in advance can help you reduce your overall relocation cost.

If you already know the relocation service price in advance, you can prepare your budget for the move accordingly. To calculate estimated moving costs, you can learn the packers and movers charges by Online Cost Calculator, an innovative tool available on the websites.

Unloading floor

luggage transport services pune 1

Unloading floor costs depend on factors such as the size of the truck for the cargo handling service. And it depends on the service on the floor. But an estimated cost of Rs.700 per person will be charged for 08 hours for house moving. Our cargo handling services are available 24*7 all over India. We are one of the cheap packers and movers in the moving company campaigns.

We have the highest skill and efficiency teams in handling your valuables. Our trained workers are well experienced. And some people over 20 years old who can handle your household items with utmost care and will assist in the safest handling service in India.

Labour quantity

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The number of labourers is required to complete the relocation process will depend on the distance and the number of items being moved to the new location. If you can have a large house and belongings, you will need more people, and hence, the price of moving will also higher. If you have a small home and fewer belongings, you will need less labour quantity, and the cost of the moving will be lower.

Packaging types


Most people tend to overlook the extremely important factor of the type of packaging types we tend to use. Discussed below are the top 10 packaging materials that we can use that ensure that customers receive a smooth and hassle-free service.

Cardboard box:

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Cardboard boxes are regarded as the most critical packaging material. It will come in different types of shapes and sizes. These boxes are very useful when packing office and household items during the relocation process, from files, utensils, and clothes, or even electronic products. It is suitable for packing all types of goods for easy transport.

Bubble Wrap:

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When it comes to packing delicate products, we can use good-quality shock pads. It consists of a plastic sheet with many small air capsules. It helps to keep packaging materials safe even when transported on extremely rough roads.

Brown wrapping paper:

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Whether used for wrapping delicate Chinese crystal cutlery sets, we can use brown wrapping paper as the most commonly purchased packaging material. In addition to being one of the most readily available packaging materials online, it’s also easy to use and economical.

Foam pads and thermocol:

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There are certain items that must be packed with proper insulation to avoid damage due to exposure to weather conditions. These sheets can be used to insulate the inside of the box to prevent the packaged goods from being exposed to external elements.

Inflatable packing material:

part load transportation
part load transportation

It has proven to be particularly useful for packing fragile items such as china vases, TV screens, computers, and other things in this packaging material to ensure complete safety during transportation and handling. The material consists of an air-sealed plastic sleeve that acts as a cushion.

Marks of different colours:

Pune logistic company
Pune logistic company

These marks are beneficial to write on packaging materials to identify the contents. It may also be used for writing on other surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic for different reasons, including marking and identification, etc. However, the use of permanent markers is quite popular.

Box cutter:

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A box cutter is very useful as it helps to scrape off the sides and edges easily for more efficient filling. It will provide extremely helpful in saving valuable time and space by cutting boxes in an accurate and fast manner.

Packaging tape:

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Packaging tape is another essential item used by packers and movers. They are generally used for holding packing materials in place and for sealing the packed boxes.

Sticker Colour:

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The coloured stickers are mainly used for labelling purposes but can also be used to separate different containers according to the degree of sensitivity of the things stored inside. Using a single colour sticker to label all boxes containing fragile items ensures that operators quickly identify which packages are always placed on top.


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An online or offline inventory of packaging materials cannot be considered complete without including ropes. This primary packaging product is very useful both during the loading and unloading of cartons and multiple shipments. Ropes are the best choice for lifting heavy loads in various layers.

Packaging cost

packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate
packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate

The packers and movers cost include the cost of packaging materials such as boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, etc., used to wrap and pack items for safer transportation. The estimated packaging cost is around Rs 3,000 to 10,000 if more packaging materials are used. The cost of packaging will increase as well.

Storage (part load) Warehousing

packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate
packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate

This is a unique service that we can offer our customers. By allowing them to store their belongings in their warehouses for the amount of time they want. A fee will be charged to the total amount of moving costs. The more space your products take up in your warehouse, the higher the relocation cost, the higher.

Risk factors

local transport
local transport

Price is one of the risk factors to consider when choosing professional packers and movers in India. The cost of hiring professional packing services can vary depending on the relocation requirements and type. There may be different prices for moving households and commercial shifts. Prices will vary from company to company. There are different type’s factors that can affect packers and movers charges. The factors that affect cost include distance, volume, and gross weight of the cargo.

Transit insurance

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Even if it’s an add-on service, it is always a better option in case of long-distance movement to ensure the safety of the cargo during transportation. We can offer you allow you to claim compensation in case your item is damaged or misplaced. Insurance will be 3% of the total declared value of your goods.

Types of trucks

packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate
packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate

The top packers and movers can use the two types of trucks for the relocation service. They are given by,

Shared truck:

luggage transport services pune3

If more than one customer of our company we can offer the shared truck services. The price charged by our experts for such vehicles is much less as the transportation costs are shared between their customers.

Charted Dedicated full truck load :

luggage transport services pune 2

These types of transport vehicles are much more expensive than shared vehicles as we will only be used in your relocation process. However, the delivery time is faster, but eventually, it will raise the price.

Moreover, smaller trucks are much cheaper than bigger trucks, so it depends on the number and size of items to be moved.

Physical activity

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The relocation costs depend on the physical effort of personnel to pack and load the cargo in the transport vehicle. The more physical activity there is a chance to pay high rate for the relocation process.

Material transportation types

bike transport

We are one of the best service providers in material transportation service. You can choose your services for the relocation like regular relocation service, parcel type, part-load service, full truck service, heavy relocation service, and express services. From the above-mentioned types of material transportation, you can choose your requirements.

Unloading location

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We can also offer unloading services to different types of locations. Our moving company unloads your goods from anywhere in the country. Some of the kinds of unloading locations are urban areas, rural areas, remote areas, and metro areas. You need not worry about your place. We can help you with unloading services at any location.

Return load availability

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We are more planning in the return load availability than sending trucks out to transport one at a time. But the benefits are increasing as well. So the efficient load planning prevents fuel wastage. This means cost savings and environmental damage to a minimum. It also improves operational efficiency by maximizing equipment and labour. This will result in better productivity and enhanced revenue.

Transit time

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This factor also affects the cost of moving a lot. If you want to relocate during the weekend, this cost is much higher than weekdays due to the high demand for such services on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to opt for a faster relocation process without the rules for the commercial vehicles are entering into another state. The relocation costs will include the Chalan amount paid by the moving company.


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The cost of moving of our company will consist of the following taxes. They are given by,

  1. Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  2. Toll & Octroi Tax (in case of interstate transfer)

Efficiency tips

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At the end of the relocation service, if you are satisfied with the services provided, it would be nice to appreciate and recognize the efforts of the movers, so you can consider tipping in the amount. It is based on the level of service provided. But this is optional and will not be included in the final invoice issued by the packer and movers.

Efficient experienced service providers

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Our moving company has more experienced teams, and experts tend to charge more compared to new companies. Therefore, if you choose a reputable and experienced moving company, you may need a more significant sum compared to smaller companies. Choose us for the efficient and experienced service provider for the relocation services in the market.

Additional services

packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate
packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate

We cannot do usually disassemble and reassemble electronic components. We may provide alternatives to the same service or perform required services at an additional cost. These costs will vary depending on the type of equipment that needs to be dismantled or reassembled. The services related to AC installation and uninstallation, TV wall mounting, geyser installation, box unboxing, disassembly, assembly, new home preparation, etc., will be charged on the moving cost.

Any hidden charges?

packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate
packers and movers services charges for relocation tentative cost estimate

However, it is not a big deal if there is a slight difference in the proposed cost and the final cost of the relocation service. The reasons for the hidden charges are given by,

Extra labour:

luggage transport services pune4

We will add additional work to the moving trucks for the additional labour involved in packing, lifting, and loading packages.

Antique collectibles:

prime movers logo 19

Some necessary amenities may be provided to protect items from any damage, old paintings, sculptures, magazines, furniture, and other rare items. Additional charges will be required for packaging and other necessary arrangements to prevent damage that may occur from immigration. Therefore, moving such things will incur unexpected costs with packing and moving services.

Disconnecting electronic devices:

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Wired connections to electronic devices are very complicated. Disassembly of electronic components such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, Home audio systems, fans, coolers, etc., may require a call to a service technician or electrician and may require extreme caution.


Local Packers and movers
Local Packers and movers

It is essential to know the rates and charges for hiring professional movers and packers in advance. You can calculate the movers and packer rates with the help of the online cost calculator for movers and packers charges, but it will fail due to the vast difference between the actual cost and an estimated cost. So you can contact us for the inquiry about how packers and movers charge for the relocation services.