The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the products from damage that may occur during transportation, handling, and storage. It helps to keeps products intact throughout the logistics chain from the manufacturer to the end-user. The main function of packaging is protecting the product from moisture, light, heat, and other external factors. Packing your products is often necessary to transport and bring them to market. But it is also a great opportunity to increase sales. One of the important functions of packaging is to protect the product during transportation, and until the moment the customer opens the package. With the help of this article, you will know about the best packaging industry in indore.

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Industry Overview

Packaging Companies in Indore:

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Packaging Products Manufacturing Companies in Indore Printing Packaging Labeling Industry Overview 10

Packaging contains branding elements such as logos, brand colours, and brand fonts. It can help customers identify the company that manufactures the product. Packaging is a huge brand awareness opportunity. The printing and packaging industry in Indore is more than consumer packaging today, with consumers, distributors, retailers, and food manufacturers increasingly looking for fresher and more discreet packaging. A strong packaging strategy serves as a marketing tool to inform consumers what the brand is all about.

Better packaging will create brand identity in the market. Dedicated consumers can be recognized from anywhere in the environment. The packaging companies must adapt to the needs and requirements of customers and models in order to attract more customers. One of the evident in the packaging industries is changes over the years because companies adapt the packaging to the model.

Packaging Companies Growth in Indore:

packaging companies
packaging companies

The packaging companies in indore are balanced with the environment relating to its impact on suppliers, customers, employees, the wider community, and the natural world. Packaging manufacturing is a large industry with approximately 5 million employees worldwide and generates more than $400 billion in annual revenue. The potential for packaging to have a negative impact on the global environment is enormous. Therefore, there is a huge responsibility to the manufacturers and users of the packaging to ensure that they ‘design’ any negative impacts that may occur with their products.

These objectives are to develop sustainable packaging that many companies are working on. This has become a set expectation for companies in developed countries. And it has become an inspiration to more and more companies operating elsewhere in the world. However, the challenge of every business is to develop packaging that meets sustainability objectives. But still have to perform tasks that require packaging and operating within the budget that the manufacturer, distributor, and consumers reach.

List of printing and packaging companies in Indore:

industry growth

Packaging can be considered of several types. For example, a shipping package or a distribution package could be a container used to transport, store, and handle products or internal packaging. Some people identify consumer packages as those aimed at consumers or households. The flexible packaging companies in indore are given by,

Atharva Packaging 

It was established in 2003 in Indore. “Atharva Packaging Pvt. Printed labels, boxed packaged goods, shrink sleeves, Air Bubble Sheet, and much more. They are a private limited company and provide reliable market products that can be utilized at reasonable prices. Atharva Packaging Company, recognized for having been successful in providing unmatched quality printing for the past 12 years, is one of the most trusted names in the printing industry with many years of expertise.

Atharva Packaging offers the most comprehensive printing and packaging solutions, including corrugated packaging. They have greatly upgraded printing technology and made it possible by implementing innovative offset printing solutions and added value. With a customer base in India and around the world, Atharva Packaging assures only one quality printing service with affordable, guaranteed, timely delivery.

Inoflex pvt ltd 

Over the years, Inoflex has grown into one of the largest flexible packaging suppliers in central India. The supplied packaging has undergone a thorough quality check. Inoflex currently supplies flexible packaging to major FMCG companies such as Tata, Nillons, Yellow Diamond, Patanjali, and others. Within Indore, the company supplies a large number of manufacturers and suppliers of FMCG products across almost 22 states.

Inoflex has the capable of producing nearly 1,000 tons of flexible packaging per month and currently producing around 750 tons. The new factory in the outskirts of Indore has a capacity of 700 tons per month, mainly for the domestic food and snacks market in November. The company will begin the expansion of a new advanced gravure plant with the purchase of a brand new Pelican gravure printer.

Pack Universe 

Pack Universe produces custom wooden pallets for industrial and business transport to protect valuable or fragile goods that require the highest level of packaging. Pack universe provide a wide variety of customizable layouts to the customers. They are designed to match the characteristics of each item, including size, weight, fragility, and orientation when your item is built. The style of the crates chosen depends on their payload, size, value, and the nature of the items they are expected to accept.

The structural components of a shipping wooden pallet may vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the cargo being loaded. Additionally, internal Wooden Box such as load bearings, saddles, Strapping Tape, and supports may be required. They have custom-designed crates, boxes, and skid plates for almost any purpose or as needed. The wooden pallets are the most cost-effective external packaging, environmentally safe, and it can be recycled.

Mittal Packaging 

Founded in 2000, “Mittal Packaging” is a prominent name that deals with the manufacturing and trading of an array of barcode label printers. The product portfolio of the Mittal packaging includes barcode label printers, packaging boxes, bottled and jarred packaged goods, garment labels, and printed labels. The organization is supported by a well-established infrastructure. In which they have operated an advanced production line for producing products with utmost perfection. They also customize the products according to the specifications of customers and offer attractive prices. The success they have achieved today is due to the efforts of Mr. Anand Mittal (Owner). His extensive experience and training allow them to expand the product range and provide the best packaging solutions in various specifications.

Durrant Packagers (India) Pvt. Ltd 

Founded in 1990, Durrant Packagers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer manufacturer of paper boxes, duplex boxes, Cartoon Box, paper bags, corrugated boxes, Strapping Tape, and many more. These products are of premium quality, outstanding quality, Fine texture, and stability, lightweight, easy to carry. They ensure the quality of each product by using only the best grade raw materials available in the industry. These types of packaging materials are from reputable vendors in the industry and are known for their quality and finish. They guarantee 100% satisfaction to the customers with good quality products at competitive prices.

Other key units are purchasing units, sales, and marketing units, shipping units, etc. Durrant packagers are the best corrugated box manufacturers in Indore. All of these units work together for faster and smoother company operations. They stand out in the industry with our distinctive features, including:

  • Modern infrastructure
  • Trained professionals
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Innovative products
  • Quality assurance
  • Advanced Professional Ethics
  • Express delivery

Flexible Packaging Industry in Indore:

Packaging Companies 11
Packaging Products Manufacturing Companies in Indore Printing Packaging Labeling Industry Overview 11

Flexible printing and packaging companies in indore are one of the fastest-growing segments with a variety of protective properties. At the same time, the minimal material consumption is guaranteed. It is used by industry and consumers to market protect and sell a wide range of products, from extending shelf life and ensuring food safety to protecting against heat and microbial barriers. The flexible packaging industry continues to grow at an unmatched rate.

Flexible packaging companies make products from high-quality polymers such as PVC, polyamide, polypropylene, and polyethylene. These polymers are FDA-approved and free from contaminants, and they are safe to use. They can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures and also act as a protective layer for food and beverages with protection from microbes, UV rays, humidity, and dust. Flexible packaging can be adapted to any specific product size. And there is no need for additional materials. Flexible Printing Packaging is very lightweight, so that you can save shipping costs. One of the advantages of flexible packaging is that they are recyclable. Efforts are being made to develop biodegradable and compostable alternatives. One example is polyolefin film and Stretch Rap Film, a food-safe material approved by the FDA. It does not emit harmful vapours during the heat sealing process.

MNC Packaging Companies in Indore:

Packaging Products Manufacturing Companies in Indore Printing Packaging Labeling Industry Overview 12

If you are using flexible Packaging Labeling means less waste and cheaper transportation and storage costs. Many MNC packaging companies in Indore require less than 50% of the energy to create flexible packaging. Flexible packaging offers almost the same barrier protection as glass. If the product requires a barrier to light, moisture, and oxygen that penetrates, or if only a slight barrier is needed to protect, Flexible packaging can be designed accordingly. MNC packaging industries can have foil effects, embossing, clear windows, matte, glossy finishes, and anything you can imagine of any other type of packaging. Flexible corrugated box manufacturers in indore are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the packaging industry. And it’s easy to understand why. It might be time to consider switching to flexible packaging. In Indore, the main growth of the MNC packaging company is packers and movers because they will purchase bulk packaging products.

Packaging Design Companies in Indore feature and future:

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Packaging Products Manufacturing Companies in Indore Printing Packaging Labeling Industry Overview 13

Humans are often drawn to the visual effects of different types of packaging materials. And this is the difference between good and bad companies while the former has the ability to attract customers. The latter fails to convert customers into customers. The importance of a logo that captures the attention of customers plays a big part in selling a product.

You can imagine that you are a customer and have gone to the market you will find many brands selling the same product. And in most cases, the product packaging is the most attractive and this is just as important with the product. Hiring a reliable product packaging design company indore makes sense for companies looking to enhance the experience of a good designer. The packaging is in line with the competition. As customers understand the quality of the products and the number of affluent customers has increased over the past few decades. Therefore, companies can not go back and start to find ways to develop new techniques. In order to capture the attention of customers, however, beautiful packaging comes with flexibility. This is because the sturdy packaging ensures that the product inside remains safe. The popularity of the different types of packaging shows that companies realized the importance of designing beautiful and beautiful packaging to reach the target audience.

Packaging has become the most important part of the product. And this trend began to develop at the beginning of the 20th century when designer parcels came to the attention of customers. It is not surprising that companies will start based on the characteristics of a packaging design company in Indore due to changing consumer demands.

Packaging Machine Manufacturer Coordination for Automation:

Automation is used in the types of food packaging and packaging industries because of its many benefits, such as:

Safety and protection:

Industrial automation robots enhance the protection and safety of the work area and also avoid operator injuries. For example, processing and packing of meat items can be done using automation instead of manual labour. This eliminates injuries due to sharp knives.


The use of robots in the food packaging companies in indore can increase production line productivity by many times. Machines can process dozens of products simultaneously.


The performance and productivity of automatic food packing robots can be adjusted according to the manufacturer’s requirements.


Automation is a scalable solution for packers. Other food packaging machine can be installed to double the production. In the past, manufacturers had to expand all aspects of their business to increase production.

Reduce operating costs:

Automated food packaging machine bear lower operating costs compared to manual food packaging because machines in automated factories only need electricity.

Consistency of production:

The total output of automatic food packaging results in a consistent product because the types of food packaging materials are carried out by machines. There are no human errors associated with the product.

End-to-end traceability:

Automated food packaging enables end-to-end traceability of the entire production line. The manufacturer has a record of the exact packaging facility and process of the food product.

Jobs in the packaging industry in Indore (Increase /decrease):

Packaging Companies 12
Packaging Products Manufacturing Companies in Indore Printing Packaging Labeling Industry Overview 14

The Printing Packaging industry in Indore is a good alternative and offers unique opportunities for people with diverse skills and educational backgrounds. Why should you consider a career in the packaging industry?

The packaging industry is stable. Even in times of economic downturn, there is always a need for packaging. People still have to buy consumer goods, especially food that requires packaging for safety and prolonging shelf life, and when the economy is going well. Consumers also have more disposable income. This allows them to spend on products that are more convenient with premium packaging.

There are good opportunities for career development. Its position in the Packaging Labeling industry is not stable so there is almost no room for growth and like any other technology-related business sector. Packaging technology continues to get new and better. Customers need different types of packaging and new ideas. Therefore, there is always a need for qualified employees.

The packaging company in indore has a wide range of occupations. Packaging is not just about design and manufacturing. It’s a very demanding industry for salespeople, digital marketers, customer representatives, key account managers, project managers, engineers, accountants, quality control, and certification manager.

Packaging Industry Future in Indore V/S Madhya Pradesh State:

Packaging Companies
Packaging Products Manufacturing Companies in Indore Printing Packaging Labeling Industry Overview 15

If you search for reputable and managed packaging industries in Indore, you will see that most of the work environments are safe and clean. The industrial sector is not the dangerous or dirty manufacturing job that most people misunderstand. The future of packaging is exciting. It is a dynamic and ever-changing field. When lifestyles and consumer preferences change, the packaging is also increased. Most packaging companies are looking for talented and reliable young people to coach and invest in these talents. But of course, if you like working in a sluggish and slow-moving industry, do not choose the packaging to climb the stairs. You have to work hard and prove yourself with the opportunities given. If you can, you will have a good career, and you can take care of your family for the rest of your life.


Hope you can understand about the packaging company in indore from the above discussion. Packaging is defines as the container or wrapper that holds a product or group of products. The two basic function of packaging is protecting products from damage during transportation and promoting the product to the final consumer. Some common types of packaging boxes include shipping boxes, industrial containers and bags, boxes, cans, and other fasteners for consumer products.

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Public Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Which type of industry is the packaging?

The Packaging Industry in India is segmented by Paper and Cardboard (Product type End-user industry), Glass (end-user industry), Plastic (type of material End-user industry), and Metal (type of material End-user industry).

Packaging is classified as which industry?

In terms of packaging materials, 55% of this sector is plastic, followed by paper and cardboard (20%) and glass (10%). Food processing was the largest consumer of packaging at 45%, followed by pharmaceuticals (25%) and personal care products (10%).

What is the packaging industry?

The packaging industry is the business sector involved in the design and manufacture of packaging products. Packaging includes everything from shelves to crates used in transit to protect items on the go.

How to start the packaging industry in India?

Step 1: Create a Business Plan 
Step 2: Buy the device
Step 3: Register your business
Step 4: FSSAI Registration

How to set up the packaging industry?

Complete your packaging specifications based on your product offering. Do thorough research to understand what type of packaging is best for your product.
Take enough time to research and study the packaging options closely.

Why is attractive packaging important to a company?

It is important in retail. The right packaging design can catch the eye of the consumer and make the product stand out from the shelf of competitors. Product packaging is seen as one of the best marketing tools to communicate and convince customers directly.

How can companies reduce packaging waste?

Using recycled and reusable materials
Professional pack
Using sustainable raw materials
led industrial shredder
Seek biodegradable packaging
Use stretch wrap for safe packaging.
train your staff
Use a suitable loose filling.

How to start a packaging company?

First, create a business plan.
After planning a business, choose your business location.
After choosing the location of your business, achieve a business license
Once you have received your business license, you can provide the necessary initial device security.
After following these steps, you will be able to start your own packaging company.

Which is the best wooden box packaging product manufacturer in Indore ?

List Out Top Best Wooden Boxes Packaging Product Manufacturer in Indore
Prime Movers
Address :- Plot No. 117 Near Honda Showroom Sector 15A Faridabad Haryana India – 121001
Contact No :- +919405410002
Whatsap and Telegram :- +919405410002
Website :-
Pan No :- BEUPK3300Q
GST NO :- 27BEUPK3300Q1ZY (For Ewaybill)
Charu Packing Industries
Plot No. – 28 Ballabgarh fridabad Ballabhgarh Faridabad Haryana India 121004
Shree Ganesh Wood Packaging
No. 21/3 Opposite Partap Steel Mathura Road Mathura Road Faridabad Haryana 121004 India
Sunrise Packing Industries
S- 18 Harfala Road Near Indian Oil Petrol Pump Sikri Faridabad
Sky Packaging Industries
Plot no-31 Harfala road sikri Ballabgarh Faridabad-121004 (Haryana) India

Which is the best (cartoon) corrugated boxes packaging product manufacturer in Indore ?

List Out Top Best Cartoon Boxes Packaging Product Manufacturer in Indore
Mittal Packaging
26-27 Industrial Estate Sector No.3 Pithampure (M.P.)
Durrant Packagers (India) Pvt. Ltd
No. 104/C Sector B Industrial Estate Sanwer Road Indore – 452003 Madhya Pradesh India
Mantra Packaging
172/3 Dhar Road Indore Indore – 454775 Madhya Pradesh India
Plot No. 32 Sector-A Industrial Area Sanwer Road Indore 452015 (M.P.) India
Worth Peripherals Limited
Unit 2 157-D Phase 3 Industrial Area Pithampur District Dhar 454774 (M.P.) India

Which is the best container bottle box packaging product manufacturer in Indore ?

List Out Top Best Plastic Bottle Container and Jar Packaging Product manufacturer in Indore for Pharma and Food Processing Packaging Industry

Which is the best Paperboard boxes packaging product manufacturer in Indore ?

List Out Paperboard boxes Packaging Product Manufacturer in Indore
Sahib Kripa Packers
Plot No.-4 Survey Number-1076 Rau Bypass Indore – 453331 Madhya Pradesh India
Worth Peripherals Limited
Unit 2 157-D Phase 3 Industrial Area Pithampur District Dhar 454774 (M.P.) India
Mittal Packaging
26-27 Industrial Estate Sector No.3 Pithampure (M.P.)
Durrant Packagers (India) Pvt. Ltd.
No. 104/C Sector B Industrial Estate Sanwer Road Indore – 452003 Madhya Pradesh India
Mantra Packaging
172/3 Dhar Road Indore Indore 454775 Madhya Pradesh India

Which is the best Polybags packaging product manufacturer in Indore ?

List Out Polybags Packaging Product Manufacturer in Indore
Manish Flexipack
6/2 Nayta Mundla Nemawar Road Indore (M.P.) – 452001
Keep Safe Packaging
366/3/2 Behind Prabhu Tool Kanta Nemawar Road Palda Indore 452020 Madhya Pradesh India
Gautam Agro Sales
Plot No. S-1 29 Scheme No. 71 GNT Market Behind District Hospital Indore 452009 Madhya Pradesh India
Vinayak Enterprises
13B1 Chandan Nagar Scheme 71 Indore Madhya Pradesh 452001
SM Polybag
35/1 vijay Udhyog Nagar Palda Indore Madhya Pradesh 452001

Which is the best Thermocole packaging product manufacturer in Indore ?

List Out Thermocole packaging product Manufacturer in Indore
Vijay Packwell
19/3 Jawahar Marg near Bohra Masjid Siyaganj Indore Madhya Pradesh 452007
Hakimuddin Industries
3 Daulatganj Indore Madhya Pradesh 452007
Pks traders
281 Kalani Nagar Indore Madhya Pradesh 452005
R S Plastic
73B 74B Sector F Sanwer Road Industrial Area Indore Madhya Pradesh 452015
Avon Thermocol Packaging
Mhow-Nimuch Road Karondiya Chopati Pithampur Post Bhatkhedi Dist Indore Madhya Pradesh 453441

Which is the best packaging machine manufacturing companies in Indore ?

List Out top best packaging machinery manufacturer companies in Indore

Which is the best packaging design companies in Indore ?

List Out Top Best packaging design companies in Indore

Which is the best Aluminum packaging product manufacturer companies in Indore ?

Aluminum Pouch Foil Containers Packaging Products Manufacturer in Indore

To what extent is automation in the packaging business right, appropriate and useful?

The never-ending packaging business is a useful and essential business for every industry in every enterprise. For continuous supply, the need for its automation is necessary at present, but if it is excessive, there is a possibility of harm to human social public economic environment interest and future .

packaging companies indore
packaging companies indore
which type of industry is packaging ?
packaging is classified as which industry ?
how to start packaging industry in india ?
how to set up packaging industry ?
why is attractive packaging important to a company ?
packaging is classified as which industry ?
how can companies reduce packaging waste ?
why is attractive packaging important to a company