A complete guide about Pune visiting places 

pune maharashtra map
pune Maharashtra map

An unforgettable trip to the legendary Indian city of Pune, about 600 meters above sea level in Maharashtra. Very convenient locations have influenced the appeal and popularity of the Pune Tour among tourists. The city is 150 km from Mumbai, a famous Indian seaside resort.

 The first settlements appeared here 2000 years ago. For some time, Pune was the capital of Marathi after the military city and remained the center of the social reform movement. Each of these periods was reflected in the history of the town, its history.

Today, many city attractions can inform you about a particular time of city development. If you want to rest well and see all the Pune sights, the best time to visit the city is from September to June. It’s a good idea to start your excursion to Pune from a Peshwa tour, an old part of the town. 

There are two main attractions in the city that we recommend visiting. Shaniwawada Palace is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm and breaks from 12 pm to 2 pm. Of course, only the faded frescoes portrayed the Ramayana scene in the old interior. Excursion to Rajakel Car

places to visit nearby pune taluka

The museum is fascinating and works according to the schedule from 8.30 to 12.30 and 15.00 to 18.00. The museum exhibits a private collection of the famous poet and traveler Dinker Kelker, most traditional Indian art.

Panchareshwara Cave, Aga Khan Palace, Gandhi Memorial, Tribal Museum, Famous Meditation Center (they call themselves “tasteful luxury resorts”)-Osho International Commune. Please note that there are strict rules when visiting the last facility. Visitors who want to spend more time here than are allowed on a regular guided tour will need to show two passport photos and proof of negative AIDS. Results (not more than 30 days). If not, you will have to experience this at the Ashram Clinic.

 A tour of Pune is also an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy a quiet Indian city’s measured life. Not far from Pune are the Rocky Mountains of the Bruschwa Temple and the Pune India Scenic area of ​​the canyon.

Here you can enjoy a beautiful panorama from the top of the hill and stroll through the vast Indian nature. You can also go on an excursion to Maha Valley Schwa Hill Station, where city dwellers and tourists come to live in the heart, breathe fresh air and enjoy long walks.

Recognized as an industrial city, Pune is India’s fastest-growing city. Numerous automotive and information technology companies are founded here. The city of Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra, India. It is located in western India, about 100 miles southeast of Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. It is also the 8th largest city in the country.

 The city is located on the Deccan Plateau at an altitude of about 560 meters above sea level and the Muta and Mura rivers’ confluence. Pune is also India’s eighth-most populous metropolitan area. It is also the management base for both Pune District and Pune County.

The city is believed to have existed since 937 AD, like a small town. Shivaji, the leader of the Maratha Empire, lived in the town when he was a child. During Shivaji’s reign, he foresaw the significant development and growth of the city. In the early 18th century, the city became an important political center and home to Prime Ministers Chhatrapati Satara and Peshwa. After being annexed to British India in the 19th century, Pune served as the capital and quarter city of President Bombay’s monsoon. The name “Monsoon Capital” continued until India became independent of England.

Pune is now famous for its modern educational institutions. There are more than 100 academic institutions and about nine universities in the area. Several automobile and information companies have set up factories in the area, expanding the industrial area.

History of Pune city

Pune Map
Pune Map

The name “Pune” comes from the Sanskrit word “Puyanagari,” which means “city of virtue.” The first mention of this name dates back to 937 AD, for copper Rashtrakut slabs. In this case, the city of Pune is called Puna Kubisaya or Puna Bisaya. At the beginning of the 13th century, the town was known as Punawadi or Kasbepne. The city’s name is often written in English as “Pune,” but local customs have made the spelling “Pune” the standard spelling.

The city of Pune is often referred to as the “East Oxford” because of the many educational institutions in the area. The city is also known as “Detroit, India” by various manufacturers, especially automobile companies in the metropolitan area.

Famous museums in Pune include the Mahatmapure Museum, the Pune Tribal Museum, the Large Dinkar Kelker Museum, the National War Museum, and the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Museum. The area also has several public gardens, including Sambhaji Park, Peshwe Park, Kamala Nero Park, Sarasbau, Shab Indian, Empress Garden, and Band Garden. The so-called Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden is now called “Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden,” a resting place for the Karakuen Gardens in Japan. The Rajibuga Handy Zoo in Katara is also near Pune. This particular zoo was formerly located in Peschwe Park and was integrated with the Katrage Reptile Education Park in 1999.

Are you looking for an exciting pune places to visit ? Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, there are several undiscovered places near Pune that are perfect for weekend vacations. If your daily life is doing your best, choose one of the many options on this list to get the most out of your next break.

Pune has always been an energetic city and can quickly become exhausted mentally and physically. After a short break on the weekend, the battery will charge, and you can return to the game. And the best thing is that you don’t have to go far to enjoy it. Within a radius of 100-200 km, there are many beautiful attractions near Pune that are perfect for breaking into the city.

Whether you’re going on a hike or relaxing on the hills on the weekends, it’s a good idea to explore the area around Pune to relax your body and minutes.

Suppose you plan to go to a vast city like Pune. In and around Pune, there’s a lot to do other than patrol the mall endlessly to find random things you don’t need. Take your time and enjoy the long-awaited day trip around Pune. Sometimes it’s a memorable day, and sometimes you find something unexpected.

So the next time you’re in Pune, be sure to visit these picturesque tourist places in Pune where you’re guaranteed to spin your head.

Below is list of places to visit in pune india

Saras Baug Pune

places to visit nearby pune saras baug

Sarasbau is an essential landmark in Pune. A small lake once occupied the place where Sarasbau is currently standing. This beautiful garden still has a huge pond with a fascinating fountain and green grass. Also, the Salasborg Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the god of wisdom.

After exploring the garden, eat a delicious Puneli Pub Baj or Bell at these stalls.

places to visit nearby pune saras baug

 Rajadinkar Kelker Museum Pune

places to visit nearby pune Rajadinkar Kelker Museum

One of the lesser-known but unique places to visit in pune india is the Rajadinkar Kelker Museum. The museum, a collection of Dr. Dinker Kelker’s relics, is dedicated to Dr. Kelker’s only son, Raja. Includes an extensive collection of furniture, cookware, hookahs, dolls, jewelry, and pan-Indian musical instruments. Raja Dinkar has about 20,000 articles, all edited by Dr. Kelkar himself.

places to visit nearby pune Rajadinkar Kelker Museum

Lohagad Fort near Khandala

places to visit nearby pune Lohagad Fort near Khandala

Located at an altitude of 3,500 feet, Lohagad Fortress is a great place to visit, as most of the fortress and gates are still untouched. The fort dates back centuries.

It was mainly used to monitor trade routes through hills. The upper part of the fort is vast and has a vast artificial lake.

The calm greenery surrounding the fort is itself the reason for visiting this beauty near Kandala. It is only 52 km from Pune.

places to visit nearby pune Lohagad Fort near Khandala

Pawna / Pawna Lake Camp near Pune

places to visit nearby pune Pawna Lake Camp

Lake Pavana or Lake Pona is an artificial reservoir formed by the dam’s water of the same name. Heavy rains around Pona help maintain the water level of Lake Pona.

Lake Pawna is a famous picnic spot near Pune and Mumbai and among the best places to visit near me in Pune. Cyclists and overnight campers are almost standard here. It’s also a great place to enjoy a pedal boat or kayak near Pune. It’s the perfect place for those who want to spend a quiet time with nature near Pune.

places to visit nearby pune Pawna Lake Camp

Malshej Ghat Trek in Pune

places to visit nearby pune Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is a beautiful summer resort at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. The refreshing weather here is one of the main reasons for attracting thousands of tourists and locals to Pnueli. Marchei Ghat or Hill Station is an excellent vacation from Mumbai and Pune.

places to visit nearby pune Malshej Ghat

Road trips are a great way to enjoy the green ghats. However, you can also walk through the picturesque grounds and the breathtaking views of the valley below. A visit to Marche Ghat is recommended during the monsoon.

places to visit nearby pune Malshej Ghat

Pu La Deshpande Garden Pune

places to visit nearby pune Pu La Deshpande Garden

Pu La Deshpande Udyan is one of India’s most extensive gardens on Singad Road in Pune and dream places which one must visit during their Pune visit. This garden is inspired by a 300-year-old Japanese garden called Okayama Korakuen. For this reason, Prades Pande Garden is also known as the Pune Okayama Friendship Garden.

This artificial beauty of Pune includes the natural flow of water from the canal, with colorful fish that you can see while strolling across small bridges.

places to visit nearby pune Pu La Deshpande Garden

Vital Hill in Pune

places to visit nearby pune Vital Hill

Need to see Pune from the highest point? You are in the right place. Vital Hill in Pune is frequently visited by joggers, birdwatchers, and nature lovers. It is among the best 25 tourist places in pune india. Due to the lush trees, colorful flowers, and various migratory and local bird species, Betal Hill boasts a new seasonal look. A few kilometers along the way to Serovetara, there is an open space where you can park your car and cycle or walk up the hill.

At the top of Betal Hill is also a temple named after the hill.

places to visit nearby pune Vital Hill

Mulshi dam in Pune

places to visit nearby pune Mulshi dam

Mulshi is a beautiful place in Maharashtra. Mursidam is a big attraction, especially near Pune. The magnificent dam looks even more attractive during the rain. If you are a nature lover, you should go to Mursi during the rainy season.

The tremendous curse here has become one of the largest photogenic spots in Pune.

Now, plan a trip to a great place near Pune on the weekend and tell us about your experience. Are you looking for a giant list? This is a blog from Tripoto with more places to visit Pune and its surroundings.

places to visit nearby pune Mulshi dam

Shaniwar wada Fort

places to visit nearby pune Shaniwar wada

At a distance of 3 km from Pune Junction, Shaniwawada is a former palace fort in the heart of Pune, Maharashtra. It is one of Pune’s most famous historic sites and one of Pune’s leading tourist destinations.

It was built in 1732 AD. In BC, Shaniwawada was the Peshwa ruler of the Maratha Empire until 1818. C., when Peschwar surrendered to England after the Third Anglo-Maratha War. Following the Maratha Empire’s rise, the palace became the political center of India in the 18th century.

Shaniwawada was initially built as a residence in Peshwa. Basilio, I laid the foundation for the mansion in 1730. Construction was completed in 1732 AD. The palace was named “Chaniwar” (Saturday) and “Wada” (dwelling) because it is said to have been found on Saturday. Inspired by Mughal architecture and design, Shaniwawada represents the skillful craftsmanship of Marathi artisans.

places to visit nearby pune Shaniwar wada

Aga Khan Palace

places to visit nearby pune Aga Khan Palace

Located 6.5 km from Pune Junction, Aga Khan Palace is a national monument of the Indian Independence Movement and best tourist places in Pune Maharashtra. Located on Pune-Nagar Road, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Pune.

The Aga Khan Palace is a majestic building and is considered one of the largest palaces in Maharashtra. The castle was built in 1892 by Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III. The court was a charity by the Sultan who wanted to help the poor in the suburbs of Pune, which was heavily affected by famine.

The Aga Khan Palace covers an area of ​​19 acres, of which 7 acres are built. It has an Italian arch and a large lawn. The building consists of 5 classrooms. The palace attracts visitors with its splendor and picturesque architecture. The construction of the castle took five years, and the estimated budget was 1.2 million rupees. Donated to the Government of India by Prince Karim El Huseni

places to visit nearby pune Aga Khan Palace

Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapathi Temple 

places to visit nearby pune Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapathi Temple

At a distance of 4 km from Pune Junction, Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapathi Temple is an ancient Hindu temple located in Budwarpet near Shaniwawada in Pune. It is one of the critical Ganesha temples in Maharashtra and one of the popular tourist attractions in Pune.

The Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapathi Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesha. The temple was built by the sweet seller Doug Duchess Hawai. In the late 1800s, a plague epidemic killed his son. This caused Doug Duchess and his wife to fall into a deep depression. To cure them, he built the Ganesha Temple in 1893. According to the advice of his guru Sri Madhavnath Maharaj. Every year, the Ganapati festival was celebrated with deep faith and enthusiasm by the Dagduchess family and their neighbors. Later, Lokmanya Tilak turned the Gangadhar Tilak into a public celebration and united people to fight for freedom.

places to visit nearby pune Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapathi Temple

Chaturshringi Temple

places to visit nearby pune Chaturshringi Temple

At a distance of 6 km from Pune Junction, Chaturshringi Temple is a Hindu temple on Senapativapat Road’s hillside in Pune. It is one of the best places to visit in Pune.

The main god of the temple is the goddess Chaturshlingi, also known as the goddess Ambereshwari. The goddess Chaturshringi is widely regarded as the governing god of Pune and is worshiped by hundreds of believers. It is said to have been built during King Shivaji Maharaj of the Maratha Kingdom and is one of the famous pilgrimage sites in Pune.

places to visit nearby pune Chaturshringi Temple

Sinhagad Fort

places to visit nearby pune Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad or Sinhagad, 32 km from Pune Junction, means Lion Fortress, a fortress located southwest of Pune. Singhagad Fort is one of Pune’s most popular hiking spots and one of the best places to visit near Pune.

Formerly known as Kondana, the fort is the setting for many significant battles, especially the Battle of Sinhagad in 1671 AD. Historically, the fort was built 2,000 years ago, and the name Condana is said to be derived from the sage Caundinha. Mohammed Bin Garak occupied the fort of Kori’s tribal chief Nagnaik in 1340. And in 1496, Malik Ahmad, the founder of the Nizamshahi dynasty, ruled the defense.

places to visit nearby pune Sinhagad Fort

Vishram baug Wada Pune

places to visit nearby pune Vishram baug Wada

Something is fascinating about palaces and mansions. Vishrambaug Wada appreciates this further. Located in the heart of Pune, this mansion was built in 1897 and was used as the home of Peshwabazi Lao II. At that time, it was an image of grandeur and luxury. Since then, there have been many changes, but today we can still get a glimpse of that glorious era. The entrance and balcony of this three-story mansion are adorned with intricate woodwork. Don’t forget to click on Instagram-worthy photos with your family during your visit to Vishrambaug Wada.

places to visit nearby pune Vishram baug Wada

Lal Mahal Pune

places to visit nearby pune Lal Mahal

Want to know about the history of Marathi? Next, head to Lal Mahal, Pune

a building dating back to 1630. It was here that Shivaji spent a significant part of his childhood. Also, at the same palace where the famous encounter between Shivaji and Shystahan took place, Marathi leaders cut off the last finger in an attempt to escape. Today’s court serves as a monument to Shivaji and contains several paintings depicting various episodes of his life. Larmahal is surrounded by the Jijamata Garden, where children can sit and have fun.

places to visit nearby pune Lal Mahal

Empress Garden Pune

places to visit nearby Pune Empress Garden

Named after Queen Victoria, Empress Garden is a 39-acre historic green space where you can spend a wonderful time with your loved ones. Dotted with flowers and trees that create captivating landscapes, this beautiful garden offers some cozy corners to join Teteatete without hassle with your loved one. Apart from your busy office routines and exhausting traffic jams, this is a place where you and your particular person can hold hands for a long walk. If hunger can ruin your plan, you can trust the snack hut in the yard.

places to visit nearby Pune Empress Garden

Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

places to visit nearby Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

Dotted with exotic vegetation, colorful meadows, perspectives, and pristine waterfalls, Pune’s Okayama Friendship Garden is a dreamlike space for young city lovers to relax.

places to visit nearby Pune Okayama Friendship Garden


Pimpri-Chinchwad also has many places worth visiting. From places of historical importance to man-made marvels, theres a lot you can see and do in Pimpri-Chinchwad. In the following blog, theres a list of top 10 places to visit in Pimpri-Chinchwad. So, the next time you are going to be in Pune, do visit Pimpri-Chinchwad and check these places out.

Ganesh talav lake

Ganesh lake is situated in Sector 26 of Nigdi-Pradhikaran, is a picnic spot in pimpri-Chinchwad. The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) carried out beautification work at the GANESH lake and opened it to the public.

 A Japanese garden has been developed on the open land, a waterfall, a small lake,seating arrangements for senior citizens, a play area for children, temple and a pavilion for tourists. You can take snacks like potato chips, peanuts, bhel inside the Garden. Lunch type food is not allowed inside the Garden. Also, you can use this Garden for Shooting purpose at a nominal charges.

 Snake Park & Aviary

Bahinabai Choudhary Pranisangrahalay, previously known as Snake Park & Aviary, is a Small Zoo established by Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation recognized by the Central Zoo Authority. It was inaugurated on 30th December 1989 and officially declared open to public on 1st Jan.1990. This zoo has witnessed continuously increasing visitorship since then.

Bhakti Shakti

Bhakti Shakti Garden is the most famous evening spot in PCMC. It is also called PCMC Chowpati.  Lots of the people vising this area even though area of the Garden is small. Special attraction is statue of the Shivaji Maharaj & Sant Tukaram and Garden area Surrounding this statue.

Vaishno Devi Temple

This is said to be replica of the Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu & Kashmir. It is located in the densely populated area in Pimpri near Pune. Visiting the original in J&K comes with its own hardships – it is far away from here, high altitude (5300 feet), need to walk up kilometers to reach there

Pune Satara Kolhapur Highway :-

katraj sarpodyan

Rajiv Gandhi Zoo, Pune

Rajiv Gandhi Zoo is Pune’s famous zoo and snake park. It covers more than 130 acres and is divided into three parts: an animal orphanage, a snake park, and a zoo. As a bonus, there is also a small lake.

You can see more than 22 species of snakes and ten species of reptiles at Snake Park, consisting of more than 150 individuals, including king cobras.

It is also one of the few wildlife parks or zoos in Maharashtra where Bengal tigers live.


Right at the entrance, a lush green lawn welcomes the visitors. Looking ahead one can see the beautiful white and pink marble structures. Various carvings and portraits narrate mythological stories of gods and goddesses. There are several prominent blocks in the temple complex, the Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra Temple, the ISKCON Balaji Temple and the Brahmachari Ashram, Gita Bhavan and a community building

Khed Shivapur Dargah

There are two large stones placed near the contour of the Dargah premises. A group of 11 people with approach towards the stone and try to pick it up with the help of the index finger. This stone has to be lifted up with the help of the tips of the index finger. They say Kamar ali Darvesh the giant rock suddenly lifts up and remains there till the partaker’s runs of the breath.

Balaji Mandir

Sri Balaji Mandir, also known as Sri Venkateswara temple is a temple situated at Narayanpur near Kapurhol. Not only the outer shell of the temple but the priests, religious activities seem to have the essence of the original Lord Venkateswara temple. There are also beautiful paintings that depict the life of the Lord in the temple.

Rajgad Khila

The Rajgad Fort is a popular tourist attraction with interesting historical tales attached to it. Legends have their say that the famous Shivaji Maharaj choose Rajgad as his capital for more than 25 years and later moved the capital to this magnificent fort.

Pune Mumbai Highway :-

Appu Ghar

Located in Nigdi, Appu Ghar boasts of being Pune’s very first amusement park that was inaugurated in 1984, almost 36 years ago. It is also often referred to as Pune’s mini Disneyland. The amusement park located at the foot of Durga Tekdi offers exciting and thrilling rides for both kids and adults.