Xiaomi has launched a TV relocation service in China – simply transferring them. The business model provides for two options. The first is moving the TV to the same address (from room to room, within a floor, up and down stairs). The second is movement within the quarter: within one kilometer from the user’s place of residence.

The prices are quite bearable. The cheapest way to move a TV with a screen diagonal of up to 39 inches in the first scenario – it will cost only $ 9. Moving the same TV in the second scenario is not much more expensive – $ 12.5.

The larger the diagonal, the more expensive the service. So, for example, moving a 100-inch TV from room to room (or within the entrance) will cost $70. The company emphasizes that this is only a payment “for physical strength”, and you will have to pay extra for drilling holes in the wall to install the appropriate mount. The wall mount itself also needs to be purchased independently. Here is such a service.

Ref By :- gadgettendency